G Land: Outstanding Wave for Tough Surfing Experience

Indonesia is proud of the Plengkung Beach in the eastern tip of the Java island. Apart from its enchanting pure beauty, the long curving shoreline this is recognized as among the best-surfing sites on the surface of the planet. Known among world’s renowned international surfers as G land, the beach, situated in the Banyuwangi Regency, is a paradise for surfers that provide a few of the most outstanding waves in the world. Plengkung Beach is nicknamed the seven wonder of giant waves by international surfers for its legendary 7 rolls of tides that can reach up to 6 meters high.

Wonderful Indonesia

The famous name G Land itself is thought to have been given by surfers, in which the G is believed to refer to three distinct meanings, Great, Green or green earth, and Grajagan. Others suggest the name G Land was given due to the curving shore of Plengkung Beach which resembles the letter G. What makes G Terrain’s waves distinctive is they break after 1-2 kilometers, rolling from east to west with peaks reaching 4-6 meters in about five minutes periods. This is favored among surfers because they could then enjoy thrilling long barrels. No surprise the beach has functioned at least five international surfing championships.

With seven layers of towering waves continuously hitting the shores at the go-to abandoned, formation, G ground is also preferred with left-handed surfers. The waves of G land are considered 2nd best waves on the planet after Hawaii only. Whereas Hawaii delivers continuous waves, the peak of waves at Plengkung Beach happens primarily between Apr to August. Besides Hawaii and Plengkung, comparable streams could be found only in Australia and South Africa. The white sandy beach is encompassed by lush green tropics forests secluded from any bustle and hustle of city life.

Clearly, you won’t receive a phone reception here or a television network. Nevertheless, that’s what makes this beach so unique: it’s the ideal place to escape from contemporary city so you can enjoy what nature has been provided. Put simply, forget all else, simply get in the water and browse! Get There. There are two main routes to arrive at Plengkung Beach. The very first and longest route is overland by car by the BanyuwangiKalipahit road. The space from Banyuwangi to Kalipahit is about 59 KM, this is followed with the KalipahitPasaranyar road for 3 kilometers. By Pasaranyar, the route carries on at TrianggulasiPancur for another 15 KM, before you finally reach Plengkung after another 9 KM.

The 2nd is via the property water route. By Banyuwangi you can head overland to Benculuk for about 35 KM, and followed from the 18 KM route from Benculuk to Grajagan. By Grajagan Beach takes a speed boat to Plengkung Beach. While others really arrive by ship directly from Bali.