Is the House Ready for Cold Weather?

Fall seems to turn to winter faster and faster every year. People caught off guard need to rush to take care of the regular maintenance required to keep the house warm and the utility bills from getting out of control during the cold weather ahead. If it has not been done already, a contractor must be called to inspect the roof. Any repairs needed should be completed before the snow falls.

Minor repairs will be major ones by the time the spring thaw arrives. Damage may be extensive and expensive come April or May depending on where you reside. A small leak at the beginning of the season may be massive by the end of it. Do not risk unnecessary damage to the roof, the roof’s framing, or the attic. Call a contractor as soon as possible to avoid future problems.

Doors and Windows

If screens are still in, switch them out for the storm windows for extra warmth. Weatherstrip all sides of the windows and doors, and caulk any spaces where the light comes through. This will block drafts and keep rodents from coming into the house to get warm. Put up heavy draperies or lined curtains to insulate rooms and keep heat in. These steps will also save money on utility bills while the family stays warm and comfortable all winter.

The Furnace

Replace the furnace filter to ensure the heating system will operate efficiently. Wrapping the furnace in special insulation will also help it heat the house while homeowners save money. Get in the habit of closing bedroom doors during the day and turning down the thermostat. Open doors about one hour before going to bed in order to sleep comfortably.

The Attic

Vents in the attic need to be clear to keep air circulating throughout the whole house. This will also prevent moist air from being trapped up there and destroying the insulation and belongings stored there. Homeowners can go here for a complete list of tips to get the house ready for the winter. Being properly prepared will save money and ensure the family will be warm and cozy.